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Shes working as a m aid near Overton. And you say that this man Ascher used to threaten his wife? Thats right. He was terrible when he was drunk - threatening to kill her. Was anything missing from the shop? No money was taken. No signs of robbery. It seems the most likely solution, said the Inspector. But Id like to have another look at that letter you received.

I was wondering if Ascher wrote it. Poirot handed over the letter and the Inspector read it. I dont think its from Ascher, he said at last.

I dont think that he would use the words our British police. Its good quality paper, too. Its strange that the letter should say the 21st of the month. Of course it might be coincidence. That is possible - yes, said Poirot. But I dont like this kind of coincidence, M r Poirot.

Who could A B C be? Well see if Mary Drower thats Mrs Aschers niece can give us any help. Its a strange business. A constable came in. Yes, Briggs, what is it?

Its the man Ascher, sir. Weve found him. Bring him in here. Where was he? Hiding down by the railway.

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Franz Ascher was a very unattractive man. He was crying and threatening us at the same time. He looked at each of our faces in turn. W hat do you want with me? You should be ashamed to bring me here!

You are pigs! How dare you do this? His voice changed suddenly. No, no, I do not mean that you would not hurt a poor old man - not be hard on him. Everyone is hard on poor old Franz.

Poor old Franz. Mr Ascher started to cry. Stop that, Ascher, said the Inspector. Control yourself. Youre not in any trouble yet. If you didnt kill your wife Ascher interrupted him, his voice almost a scream. I did not kill her! It is all lies! You are English pigs - all against me. I would never kill her - never. You often threatened to kill her, Ascher. You do not understand. That was just a joke between Alice and me. A strange kind of joke! Where were you yesterday evening, Ascher?

I did not go near Alice. I was with friends good friends. We were drinking at the Seven Stars and then at the Red Dog. Dick Willows he was with me and old Curdie - and George - and Platt.

It is the truth that I am telling you! Take him away, Inspector Glen said to Constable Briggs. Hold him on suspicion of murder. If the letter didnt exist, Id say he did it.

W hat about the men he talked about? A bad crowd - all ready to tell lies. But its important to find out whether anyone saw him near the shop between half past five and six. Poirot shook his head thoughtfully. You are sure nothing was taken from the shop?

Perhaps a packet or two of cigarettes. But thats not a reason for murder. A nd there was nothing different about the shop? Nothing new there? There was a railway guide, said the Inspector. It was open and turned face down on the counter. It appeared that someone had looked up the trains from Andover. Either the old woman or a customer. Did she sell that type of thing?

The Inspector shook his head.

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This was a big one the kind of guide that only a big shop would sell. A light came into Poirots eyes.

He bent forward. A railway guide, you say. What kind? Yes, said the Inspector. It was an ABC! Until that moment, I had not felt very interested in the case.

The murder of an old woman in a small back-street shop was a very ordinary type of crime. I had thought that the date of the 21st in the anonymous letter was just a coincidence. Mrs Ascher, I felt sure, had been murdered by her husband. But now, when I heard about the railway guide, I felt a small shock of excitement. Surely - surely this could not be a second coincidence. The ordinary crime was turning into something very unusual. We left the police station and went to the building where the body of the dead woman was being kept.

A strange feeling came over me as I looked down on that old face and thin grey hair. She looked so peaceful, so distanced from any violent event. She was beautiful when she was young, said Poirot. But yes, look at the lines of the bones, the shape of the head. We went to see the police doctor, Dr Kerr. We havent found what killed her, he said. Its impossible to say what it was - perhaps a heavy stick.

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Did the murderer have to be very strong? Do you mean, could the killer be a shaky old man of seventy? Then the murderer could be a man or a woman? The doctor looked surprised. A woman, eh? I hadnt thought of connecting a woman with this type of crime. But of course its possible.

Poirot nodded in agreement.

How was the body lying? In my opinion, Mrs Ascher was standing with her back to the counter. The murderer hit her on the back of the head and she fell down behind the counter. So she couldnt be seen by anybody entering the shop. We thanked Dr Kerr and left. You see, Hastings, said Poirot, this shows that Ascher may be innocent. A woman fa ces a man who is threatening her. But instead, she had her back to the murderer. Overton is not far away.

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Shall we drive over there and have an interview with the niece of the dead woman? A few minutes later we were driving towards Overton. Inspector Glen had given us the address of Mrs Aschers niece. It was a big house about one and a half kilometres from the village, on the London side. The door was opened by a pretty dark-haired girl.

Her eyes were red from crying. I think you are Miss M ary Drower, the maid here? Yes, sir, thats right. Im Mary, sir.

Then perhaps I can talk to you for a few minutes. Its about your aunt. We went inside the house and M ary opened the door of a small living-room.

We entered and Poirot sat down on a chair by the window. He looked up into the girls face, studying it closely. You have heard of your aunts death, of course?

The girl nodded, tears filling her eyes again. This morning, sir. The police came here. Poor Auntie! You were fond of your aunt, Mary? Very, sir. She was always very good to me. I usually visited Auntie on my free day. Anwesh Satapathy. Columbia Gomez. Rahul Bevinahal. More From ana. Cohen, L. Popular in Crime, Law And Justice. Christopher Zara. Ikhwan Haqim. Eduardo Asenjo Cornago. Saleem Raza.

Blanca Alul. Jaypoll Diaz. Rebel X. Janus Mari. Jillian Sheridan.

The Citizens Campaign. John J. Heffernan v. During the meeting of former colleagues Poirot received a letter from a criminal who challenged him. Author signed as someone mysteries 'ABC' and proposed to solve a crime that will be committed in future. So again Poirot and his partner would work together solving a complicated case.

English e-Reader Open menu. Do you really want to log out? Some features are not available for unauthorized users.I stared in surprise.


It may be as you say A woman, eh? You do not understand. That tells one something, does it not? In a quiet voice, Poirot told me what I had to do.

In fact, if it were possible, I would say that you have fewer grey hairs than the last time I saw you.