A Heart for the Taking (PDF) [Shirlee Busbee] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This was a great book in the old skool romance style, with examples of that era s strengths and weaknesses First. 1. off, the hero Christopher Saxon is one of the. A Heart for the Taking (PDF) () by Shirlee Busbee and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available.

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Download eBooks by author Shirlee Busbee. Guaranteed best prices, direct download! Author of historical and modern romance, Shirlee Busbee has enjoyed. Get Free Read & Download Files Shirlee Busbee PDF. SHIRLEE BUSBEE. Download: Shirlee Busbee. SHIRLEE BUSBEE - In this site isn`t the same as a. Verstohlene Leidenschaft by Shirlee Busbee is Historical "Warmherzig, romantisch, leidenschaftlich und wunderbar charmant erzählt.

I definitely wanted MORE of a reaction from both the characters on that "little" detail. Not for the r To clarify, this is more a 4. Not for the reader, mind you, we were privy to the information all along, but of course we wanted the reaction of the main characters!!

This is an old "bodice ripper" that I became intrigued with from a recommendation under a "theme" thread on the site Romance boards. I couldn't remember if I'd ever read Shirlee Busbee, but the name sounded familiar, and even when I received the book through PBS, the cover seemed familiar as well.

I read hundreds of romances in the '80s, until finally giving up the interest in the '90s to pursue other things. Consquently, I can't remember 90 percent of what I had read from those times. Once I started reading this book, I was certain I had read it before, and although I couldn't remember any of the details, I also had a distinct feeling it had been a "winner" for me back then.

Fortunately, my gut instincts were correct, and I loved this storyline. This reading, did, like MOST of the '80s romances on a re-read have some dated qualities that weren't as paletable in the current times' romance style, but nevertheless, it was still a romantic and intiguing story. Our heroine, Leonie, lives a societal disenfranchised life as the granddaughter of a fading French aristocratic family in New Orleans, low on funds, and on the brink of bankruptcy.

Rapture Becomes Her Shirlee Busbee. Zebra, April For Love Alone Shirlee Busbee.


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At Long Last Shirlee Busbee. Official Shirlee Busbee tweets. Scandalous Desires.Unfortunately, when Leonie's grandfather finally seeks "Morgan" out to cement a marriage deal with him, he mistakes Ashley, Morgan's nepharious, look-alike" cousin for Morgan, and marries poor Leonie off to the "VERY wrong" man.

The constant conflict between Christopher and Nicole seemed endless after the midway point. Rapture Becomes Her Shirlee Busbee.

As all of this books, Lady Vixen were filled with a long journey filled with entartainment,lod of angsty and passionate rom Set in England during the years , this is one of those rare