Allen, David. Getting things done: the art of stress-free productivity / David Allen anything fall through the cracks. Pro Entity Framework Entity Framew ork panion ook ilable. Scott Klein. The future of data access in. NET programming. Pro. Entity. Framework THE EXPERT'S VOICE® IN. to become Entity Framework 4, and with some trepidation, I finally decided to revise the book. object relational models such as NHibernate and LLBLGen Pro. Apart from a few a Unified View of Data” (

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With the advent of LINQ and the Entity Framework, this is no longer the case, and DRM-free; Included format: PDF; ebooks can be used on all reading devices Pro Entity Framework will help readers understand the implications of the. Freeman A. Pro Entity Framework Core 2 for Core MVC. pdf . NET Entity Framework 4 - Microsoft's core framework for modeling and interacting with . Version 4 brought us another approach to using Entity Framework: Model First, along with full Plain Old CLR Object (POCO) support and.

If you have a list of entities that you need to display in a static page, read-only there is no point of keeping track of the changes done to them. For this when you can remove the tracking from the entities when you retrieve them.

When you do this none of the changes that you do will reach the database even if you save the changes as it is not being tracked. Take Query in the DB vs Query in the Program With entity framework it is possible to do some of the filtering of the data in memory of the application not the DB server through the IEnumerable interface. In this the data is loaded to the memory and filtered in the memeory.

So under heavy load this could slow down the performance considerably. If you use the Iqueriable interface the entity framework will build a query and send it to the database for the filtering. The following examples show how different techniques send different queries to the database.

Example book pages

Extension methods The extension methods in Entity Framework can be compared to having views in the database. These methods can be used to retrieve queries which you use frequently rather than writing them over and over again.

Then use it in the query as follows. NonDiscontinued ; Migrating changes on the DB If the changes are done in the DB you need to migrate the changes to your model. Then you reach the following screen where it shows the added, deleted and changed elements in the database which you can select to include in your model.

Since we used the DB first approach it is not possible to implement this. Experiment: Performance Analysis One of the known drawback of using Entity Framework is that the performance is remarkably low in case of large data. Therefore we will test our infrastructure in different scenarios and analyze it later.

We will enter data to the database from the Entity Framework, we will start with small data and then we will increase it step by step. In the meantime we will measure the time it takes to perform this operation granularity milliseconds.

SaveChanges ; In the yellow part, we input different figures, from 10 to Considering 20 minutes to insert 50 rows is not an acceptable performance. Therefore when we add new object the context expands which consumes a lot of memory. After the findings we optimized the code for the following one. SaveChanges ; db.

SaveChanges ; We turned off the parameters to auto detecting changes and the validations before saving in the context. Records Millisec Opt 10 It is obvious that the improvement is significant. The graphical representation reflects the improvement better. Performance Measure 0 10 Millisec NonOpt Milisec Opt We can see that the behavior of both cases is similar of small data, but the difference is considerable for large data.

We have tried to find a regression model for both cases, in order to find the coefficients of variables, a possible relation between them, but also to have the slope and intercept to predict future growth.

Therefore for the not optimized case, we could find the below coefficients for the intercept and slope, with an excellent P value of the slope, while for the intercept it is relatively acceptable. As we can see from the graph, after the value of So, we consider The previous behavior is similar for both cases and will be removed from the observations, we will only use the data from And for the optimized case, the results are almost the same as the previous models, which means that the behavior of the small data and the large data can be included in one equation, as they are comparable, the growth has almost the same coefficient.

This is an important finding, as it means that the optimization techniques that we used have been quite productive in reducing the time of the processing and making it relatively comparable to small data. Regression Statistics Multiple R 0. Of course the intercept plays an important role too, but in case of very large data, the intercept will not have a significant effect and the difference will be driven more by the effect of the slope.

Entity Framework Pros, Cons and Usage We have already discovered most of the topics related to Entity Framework and now it is the time to reflect and compare with other options, find the stronger and weaker points and evaluate the cases where Entity Framework would be a satisfying solution.

Easy syntax, comparable to SQL but obviously simpler than object — oriented databases, in which knowing the syntax is a strong requirement. Entity Framework has the capability of creating different types of relationships between its classes and relational tables one to one, one to many and many to many while LINQ to SQL can allow only one to one mapping.

Pro Entity Framework 4.0

Allen, Advantages over ADO. Therefore the code is more maintainable too.

Changes in the database are maintained directly by the model, no need to data access logic. Patel, We have almost a clear view what are the strong point of using Entity Framework. As mentioned in this report, Entity Framework is a layer on the database. Therefore it is apparent that more layers slow down the data exchange.

Querying directly the database is not the same as writing a code in a language that will be translated to SQL to be executed to the database. This drawback cannot be distinguished for small data.

But with a lot of data, the process really gets slow. According to the findings of the experiment in chapter 3 of this study, large data load is a disaster without performance optimization techniques.

Another remark during exploring Entity Framework is that given SQL functions cannot be called directly, functions as datediff etc. The way of accessing them is using the library DbFunctions then citing the name of the function.

While working with entities, until we push our changes to the database, we keep the actions in the memory. This might cause a memory overload time after time, so we will have to run SaveChanges frequently.

Therefore, we would suggest it in developing environment, creating applications which need interaction with a database. Programming teams will adapt easily to the platform and they will find the abstraction offered quite helpful.

No need for database deep knowledge. The connection to the database is fast and the relation to coding is close. So it will still feel like they are coding, even though their objects are tuples and tables. Dynamic and mixed environments will be still appropriate, since Entity Framework offers the option to deal with different data sources and the integration capability is high. We do not find it appropriate for business teams or even for retrieving or querying data, the usage of an Entity Framework is unnecessary, as its scope is wider than just daily interactions with database.

Will it compile? ExecuteReader ; while rdr. WriteLine String. Show ex.

On the form, place a button on the form and in the click event of that button enter the code as you see it above. Prior to running the project, change the connection string username and password for your environment and add the following using statement: using System.

In any case, run the project and click the button. Now click the button. Instead you received a message that the column MidName is an invalid column name. The column containing the middle name is actually called MiddleName. The problem is you had to run the application to find that out.

Now imagine if yours had been a larger production application and you received a similar error. A larger application makes it much more difficult to find the offending line of code, plus you have the greater overhead of tracking down the actual spelling of the column name.

Developers need to focus only on developing applications and should not be concerned if a table, stored procedure, relationship, or some other database object changes. In the code example above, the error that you get illustrates an example of a table change being made without informing the developers. Unless that schema change is disseminated to the appropriate people the developers in this case , no one is going to find out about the change until run time.

Think of what could happen if for some reason the change was not picked up and somehow slipped through QA and into the production release. What was needed was a model where the database, application, and data move together.

This is exactly what the Entity Framework provides. The Entity Framework is a conceptual model that works with databases and applications, eliminating the gap between data and applications and application languages that developers normally have to work with when working with the DataReader object and other data access technologies. This Has Been Tried Before Modeling applications exist in abundance, but each application has a specific focus such as process data flow or describing objects.

The following lists some of the modeling application types and their primary focus. The problem is that each of these modeling applications is limited in scope.

.Net Framework Books

NET persists plain. NET objects to and from an underlying relational database. While this list is by no means complete, it is provided to illustrate the necessity and need for good ERM application development products that remove many of the complexities of working with databases to help improve productivity. The ADO. NET Entity Framework does not have the same limitations of other modeling products.

This is because the Entity Framework works at a conceptual level that is based on the ERM and, as such, provides a depth and richness of functionality that many of the stand-alone ERMs and UMLs cannot provide. As the name suggests, the Entity Framework allows you to work directly with Entities that represent your own schema without having to deal with the nuances of DataReader and DataSet objects.

Easy maintenance. For what projects can you hire. NET developers A lot of programmers around the world use.

Net for a wide variety of applications. To be more specific,. Net can be used for the development of: Games Communication applications, including messengers and email apps Business applications, for instance, sales, finance, and SCM applications Mobile applications Cross-platform applications that can be used on Mac, Linux, and Windows Basically, with.

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Key Skills and Experience for. Net Developer Any specialist in the field of IT should have great problem-solving and team-working skills as well as logical thinking.

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Net developer or the whole team is offshoring or nearshoring. Echo promises to make the process of hiring seamless and easy. You define, list, and specify your requirements and peculiarities of your project. Our team looks through our extensive CV database to find the candidates that will suit you perfectly.The ADO. In the most traditional way of thinking is a group of linked tables.

While working with applications and programming, accessing a database is frequently needed.

Pro Entity Framework 4.0

It looks like the program and the database stored in some SQL Server or other provided speak different languages and it needs external translation continuously. Entity Framework is a highly recommended Object Relation Mapping tool used to build complex systems. Entity Framework Tutorial. Sometimes this could be an unnecessary overhead depending on the scenario.

With ADO.