This is another export feature php tutorials, I will create simple PHP script to fetch data from MySQL and create pdf file using php. We will use. The issue is withthe following line: $filedata = mysql_result($results, 1);. This code tries to get the 1st field from the 2nd record of the resultset. Lo and behold: PHP MySQL BLOB: Insert, Update, And Select BLOB Data While I realize Quora endorses questions tha.

Pdf File From Mysql Using Php

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This manual describes the PHP extensions and interfaces that can be used with Document generated on: (revision: ). Draw table in PDF document using data from MySQL table with columns and from our student database and then crate a PDF document by using the data. In this tutorial, we will show how to insert files into a MySQL database using PHP. The site accepts video uploads, audio uploads, image uploads, pdfs, word.

You can download the ZIP file containing all the above steps.

Inside ZIP folder these files are used. No PDF is created here.

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WE have used your code and we are using issue like not displaying the record in each row wise in the pdf based on your example. Can you please help how to disaplay each record in separate in the PDF.

Example with MySQL

Contact us. Database connection details index. No PDF is created here index-pdf. Help file with links to different solutions. The full code to generate PDF document with data from tables is here.

We then have the complete pathway to the file in our code so that we can show and display it. So if we're saving a file named, mortgage. We will go through this below. In this demonstration, I'm going to use phpMyAdmin.


When creating a table in MySQL, we create 3 columns. This column is unique and should be set to autoincrement. It counts sequentially 1 up from any new row of data inserted. So it starts at 1. If you insert 5 rows of data, the fifth row will have an ID of 5.

The purpose of it is that it's unique and it gives you a way to order the new uploads in order of when they were uploaded. You could also do this in other ways. But this is probably the easiest way of showing the files in order from when they were uploaded.

The second column that I created was a description column. This holds a description of the file being entered.

Once the user puts a description of the file in the text box and uploads the file along with the description, the description of the file entered will be inserted into the descripton column of the table. The third and final column that I created is the filename column.

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This holds the full file name of the file. So if you're uploading a file named records. Since it holds files information, I named the table, 'Files'.

You can see the image of the structure of the table below.

So you can see the structure of the table above. The ID column is of type int Sometimes the user may want to put in a somewhat good description of the file, so we allow up to characters. CHAR is a fixed amount.

PDF Table by taking data from MySQL database

You would use CHAR when every upload is the same amount of characters. This would be the case for a few things such as state abbreviations, since they are all 2 characters. In this case, CHAR wouldn't work for any of the fields. Of course, if you need to, modify the amount parameters to satisfy your needs.

The HTML code is shown below.

Since we want this page to keep all information obtained from the form, we set action equal to "". If we wanted to send the information entered into this uploader to another page, we would specify that PHP page. But since we want the information for later PHP code on this page, we set action equal to nothing.We then create a line allowing for the file upload.

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PNG test differentialregning 3 aflevering This concludes this block of PHP code. We then can, using PHP code, show the file by specifying the full path to that file. The full code to generate PDF document with data from tables is here.

Note that the file you uploaded is public, which is how you were able to access the page. Post as a guest Name. This block of code is shown below.