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The tart bomb served at the diplomatic meeting in Paris is only a camouflage for one murder of political figure. Looking at the way Moriarty maintains his much-respected intellectual reputation while at the same time abuses his power to gain individual profit. They ask for the help of the Gypsies to cross the border to Germany in the midst of the political dispute.

Exactly where we must go. The subject actants are Holmes, Watson, Simza, and some of their friends who join in the mission to bring back Rene.

Sherlock Holmes and a biological weapon

Holmes becomes the main executing actant who invites Watson and the Gypsies including Simza to fight together against Moriarty. The event also indicates one historical fact that around s when Queen Victoria celebrated her Jubilee. Imperialism was on booze and royalties were thriving, but at the same time, they began to feel the strain of industrialization and pressure from other countries that many of them opted for imperial expansion through war Conway, ; Steiner, In addition, at that period Britain was competing its biggest rival, Germany, and the tension between the two was significant enough to spark a world war.

Again, the Gypsies are the helpers who provide Holmes and Watson with food, clothes, horses, and the shortcuts to cross German borders without encountering soldiers. The opponents are the twin subordinates of Moriarty who are ordered to ambush Holmes, Moriarty himself who captures and tortures Holmes, Sebastian who shoots Watson and manages to kill one of the Gypsies, the German soldiers who attack them with explosives, and of course the advanced weaponry of Moriarty.

In its long history of warfare, Europe has tried to raise their fiscal institutions by controlling war casualties Dincecco and Prado, In terms of power, sovereignty is indeed familiar to European monarchy countries as a concept that ensures the validity of the law and governmental systems.

However, it can also be linked as a guarantor of policies as well as the resisting act Voruz, This is why in this sequence, the old concept of universal sovereignty of the dominant represented by Moriarty and his subordinates is repeatedly challenged by the rebellious efforts of the marginalized represented by Holmes and his group , who resist the kind of new world order that the capitalism brings.

Mycroft is invited by the Prime Minister to join the international meeting to discuss the possibility of the breakout of war. They are also after Rene who is possibly disguising as one of the delegates. The dialogue has a trait of syntagmes disjontionnels or decision to end an argument: Watson : Rene will be the evidence.

Sherlock : If we can find him and stop him, we will perhaps not only save his life but prevent the collapse of Western civilization. Moriarty serves as the main driver of the story, which causes Holmes and his friends go to Switzerland without going back to London first.

In this sense, Holmes is also the sender for initiating Revolting Against Imperialism …..

Alberta Natasia Adji them going to Switzerland for defeating his archenemy. Moreover, Watson is asked to accompany Simza to recognize Rene in a room full of delegates, with the hope to save his life. Sebastian becomes the opponent who kills Rene with his Curare shot through his stick so that Rene will never be able to reveal the truth to anyone, dismissing their plan to bring Rene back home alive.

Moriarty himself becomes more certain that he needs to wage war for more demand of weapons, in which he can act as the supplier. At the end of the story, Moriarty is defeated by being pulled down off a balcony by Holmes to the bottom of the gorge. From this point, Holmes and his team who represent the urban have managed to defeat Moriarty who serves as the elite capitalist by outsmarting him with strategies, tricks, and diversions.

Although in the future war will still likely to break out given the current circumstances, Holmes and his allies have managed to legitimize their ideals that they finally can stop one of the leading capitalist figures in the world.

Being subversive, the struggle of Holmes, Watson, and the Gypsy have proven to be effective to bring down a prominent capitalist agent. The Figure shows the scheme of actantial model of A Game of Shadows. The form includes the motives which will narrow down toward one specific theme, with its interpretation that may be repeated over and over in a text. There is semiotic square comprising four terms of homology that foreground a narrative text, closely intertwined with values as well as ideologies offered by the audience.

Four terms of homology in A Game of Shadows are shown in the Table. The Four Terms of Homology 1 Alive : dead :: not alive : not dead 2 Safe : imperilled :: not safe : not imperilled 3 Married : bachelor :: unmarried : no bachelor 4 Careful : reckless :: not careful : not reckless 5 Strong : weak :: not strong : not weak 6 Rich : poor :: not rich : not poor 7 Defend : attack :: not defend : not attack 8 Employer : servant :: not employer : not servant The four terms in the Table show that A Game of Shadows revolves around the fight against the capitalist, who tend to be manipulative as well as over-domineering, through the deduction of a detective.

In observing the four terms explanation, A Game of Shadows actually tries to criticize the superiority of the Europeans which is often linked to exclusivity, domination, and ignorance toward the middle class.

The majority of the British working class in the movie tend to obey their employers to the point of blindness. And even if they act on their own initiatives, it would have been for their complete obedience and absolute loyalty to their employers, like Sebastian Moran and other subordinates of Moriarty.

In relation to the idea, for the past decades, British imperialism has actually lost its grip on the soft power of their monarchy constitution, since the fall of the empire Bell, Indeed, the British no longer possess the same level of influence in manipulating other foreign countries and the people as they did before the 21st century.


Still, the signs have been shown through their excessive use of hard power in supplying weaponry, engaging warfare, and igniting military force Bell, The fact is symbolized by the very presence of Moriarty acting as the powerful villain who wishes to create a transnational discord by providing the supply of weapons and waging war.

As Europe with their colonized countries is troubled by unstable political and economic growth, Britain slowly ceases to power in. With its strong capitalism and social class tradition that undergo changes in the continuing globalization, Europe is required to reformulate their cultural identity and preserve moral identity so that they can incorporate immigrants and new perspectives Rakic, Although claimed to be an action as well as detective movie, genuinely it is a critique toward the bourgeoisie and the capitalist in Europe Revolting Against Imperialism …..

Alberta Natasia Adji who often arbitrarily abuse the proletariat and label themselves as superior. The imperialist and capitalist representation through Moriarty has shown that they abuse ethnic migrants and the working class for the sake of global advancement and power expansion.

Yet, with the succeed of bringing the death of Moriarty as a figure who represents the British elite, Holmes and his group of allies who stand for the urban have proven themselves fit to destroy one of the most dangerous men who threatens world peace. An Introduction to the Structural Analysis of Narrative.

Source: New Literary History, 6 2 , Braun, D. Philos Studies Springer, 2 , Clark, H. Society, 49 2 , Cole, M. Conway, S. War in History, 11 2 , Dincecco, M. Warfare, fiscal capacity and performance. Journal of Economic Growth, 17 3 , Farazmand, A.

Conclusion: Can We Go Home? Public Organization Review, 13 2 , Greimas, A.

How long can it take?

Structural Semantics: An Attempt at a Method, trans. McDowell, R. Schleifer and A. Lincoln Nebraska : University of Nebraska Press. Guentner, S. Yogyakarta: Pustaka Pelajar Nababan, M.

Pengembangan model penilaian kualitas terjemahan. Kajian Linguistik dan Sastra, Vol. The theory and practice of translation. Leinden: E.

Brill Pengpanich, A. Warotamasikkhadit and T. Panakul, pp. Riloff, Ellen dkk. The perception of irony in newspaper articles in english and ukrainian. Tartu: Thesis. Metode penelitian kualitatif kebahasaan. Metode etnografi. Translation: bahasa teori dan penuntun paktis menerjemahan. Yogyakarta: Kanisius Sutopo, H. Readers are referred to the definitive report on this matter by Sodeman 2. Among the possible causes are scrub typhus, anthrax, typhoid fever and primary septicaemic plague.

Typhus endemic in South-East Asia, including Sumatra, is an attractive possibility. It is caused by Rickettsia tsutsugamushi transmitted by mites or chiggers. Holmes was involved in the investigation of the ship Matilda Briggs which seems to have carried a cargo of rats from Sumatra 3. Culverton Smith might have imported these rats. Holmes was probably aware of the role of Sumatran rats as a natural host of the vector for the disease—hence his familiarity with the Tapanuli fever.

However, scrub typhus is unlikely to be Tapanuli fever, because rickettsia would be difficult to culture on gelatin. And although it is a serious infection, case fatality is not very high, making it a poor choice as a murder weapon. The presence of dysphonia suggests the possibility of diphtheria. There are reports of non-toxigenic strains of Corynebacterium diphtheriae that cause severe systemic disease with aggressive course and high mortality. An outbreak of severe invasive infection by non-toxigenic C.

But once again, diphtheria was a well-known local disease in England and therefore unlikely to have been chosen by Conan Doyle.

Sherlock holmes a study in scarlet pdf indonesia

New evidence strongly supports the case for acute septicaemic melioidosis, as suggested by Sodeman. Whitmore and Krishnaswami first reported melioidosis in among the morphine addicts in Rangoon, Burma. They described acute septicaemic melioidosis with rapid onset, a short course and high mortality. Melioidosis, also known as Whitmore's disease, is caused by Berkholderia pseudomallei infection. Conan Doyle could have come across Whitmore and Krishnaswami's report in his medical readings before writing this particular story in The disease commonly affects rice paddy farmers, and Culverton Smith could have studied septicaemic melioidosis among his plantation workers in Sumatra.

Melioidosis can cause the clinical features simulated by Sherlock Holmes. In the study of septicaemic melioidosis reported from Thailand, most of the patients became profoundly ill soon after the onset of fever.

Septic shock would explain the severe fatigue, anorexia, cold sweats and delirium. Dark crusts on the lips could be from the subcutaneous abscesses seen with melioidosis or activation of herpes labialis.

To this day, according to a research letter published in The Lancet, almost all cases of melioidosis in England are imported from South-East Asia and tropical Australia 6.

Sherlock Holmes Indonesia

While gardening the next day he stood on a large thorn which penetrated his left heel through the sole of the shoes that he had worn throughout his vacation in Thailand. He developed melioidosis and died. The skin and shoes were probably colonized with B. Should his victim escape death from acute septicaemic melioidosis, there was always a strong possibility of late relapse or rupture of a visceral abscess.

Culverton Smith's use of the postal service to deliver the lethal infection has an echo today.Neuropsychology Vol. I could have sworn that it was set in a malicious and abominable smile. Paper Mubig, U. Structural Semantics: An Attempt at a Method, trans.

Quebec: Universite du Quebec a Rimouski. Because at that time the countries outside Western Europe were thrown back in relative economic backwardness Paprotny,