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This research project is my original work and has not been submitted for my lecturers who taught me in the MBA programme, therefore enriching my research. Results 1 - 10 of - India s largest online mba management project download for Students and Professionals. Download. MBA Management Project Report. Management Project submitted to NIMBAS Graduate School of Management in accordance with the rules of the University of .

A- Ask management how the new project will use resources B- Resource level your project C- Crash your project D- Ask management how the new project will affect your project Answer is D. Ask management how the new project will affect your project. Since this is another project that your company is going to execute, you need to be sure whether it will impact your project. Historical information.

First thing to explore before starting a new project is the historical information about similar projects in the organizational process assets library of the organization. PMP Questions and Answers 5 During project executing, a team member comes to the project manager because he is not sure of what work he needs to accomplish on the project. Which of the following documents contain detailed descriptions of work packages? WBS Dictionary. Work packages in a Work Breakdown Structure contain only nouns or a couple of words regarding a work or deliverable.

Detailed information on what needs to be done, responsible, prerequisites, successors, due date etc. PMP Questions and Answers 6 During a meeting with some of the project stakeholders, the project manager is asked to add work to the project scope. The project manager had access to correspondence about the project before the project charter was signed and remembers that the project sponsor specifically denied funding for the scope mentioned by these stakeholders.

B- Evaluate the impact of adding the scope.

C- Tell the stakeholders the scope cannot be added. D- Add the work if there is time available in the project schedule Answer is C. Tell the stakeholders the scope cannot be added. After the scope of a project is finalized and scope baseline is determined, it can be changed only with the approved changed requests. If there is not an approved change request, existing scope baseline must be valid and project team must work on to deliver that scope only. In the scenario, scope is defined already but some stakeholders ask to add new work to the scope.

This cannot be done unless there is an approved change request. Therefore, stakeholders must be informed that this new work cannot be added. A- Fast track the project. B- Level the resources. C- Crash the project.

D- Monte Carlo analysis. The answer is C, crash the project. Because, in first sentence, it is mentioned that schedule is too long, therefore the aim is making a shorter schedule.

And in the second sentence it is mentioned that you have extra personnel resources. If you have resources, you can put more resources in an activity to complete it in a shorter time. And this is actually a description of crashing an activity or crashing the project. If you look to the other options, fast tracking was performing activities in parallel instead of series, therefore it is irrelevant.

Leveling the resources was for fixing the over-allocation of resources and distributing the tasks to all your resources uniformly. And Monte Carlo analysis was another estimating tool which is irrelevant choice as well. Therefore, here the best answer is C. The activity: A- Is on the critical path.

B- Has a lag. C- Is progressing well. D- Is not on the critical path. Answer is D.

And it gives 10 days of float for this activity. You will find the same result if you go through subtracting the early finish, 9 days, from the late finish, 19 days.

Remember the critical path activities was having zero float, therefore the answer is D. It has become a very popular brand.

Price of the Projects:

It has adopted multi brand strategy. To be able do this, we need accurate measurement of satisfaction. The companies which offer maximum profits to Retailer, provide better treat fairly etc. As of April 30, , following are the market shares of various players: a.

134329942-Mba-Project-Marketing-FREE-DOWNLOAD.pdf - MBA...

Irrespective of the religion or caste, most women in Kerala wear gold most religious and social occassions like marriage.

A mode that involves deterioration of both, the quality and volume of cement. These were the words of our founder Shri V. Such a promotion strategy has helped the company to raise not only its profits through sales but has also tremendously increased its brand value.

It was a new beginning of big dreams. As we are in the initial stage of our management study so this project has helped us a lot and helped us to clearly understand the marketing behavior and to closely face the marketing trends, which would help us in our near future, so that we can sustain ourselves in adverse marketing situation and bring out a perfect solution whenever required. Apart from this it also provides employment to around 21akh people.

Despite the increasing cost of the raw material the company is able to bring down the cost of the manufacturing through procurement of raw materials by the mines which are located nearby.

Next project report on customer satisfaction toward cement product. With almost total capacity utilization levels in the industry, cement dispatches havemaintained a 10 per cent growth rate. Hence, by using this cement one can reduce the impact of damage to the structure. The builders can shed their past memories and start using blended cement.

To finding out the effective and ineffective factors of ambuja cement. India Ltd. Consumers of Samsung India Electronics Ltd. Capital Market Banks using Ratio Analysis Hassan A Study on Electronic Data Storage w. MNCs Example: Health Screening Dept. Service e.

Project cost estimation for software projects w.

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SME sector Bank Performance of EXIM bank w. Positive attitude towards job is equivalent to job satisfaction whereas negative attitude towards job has been defined variously from time to time. Job satisfaction is an attitude which results from balancing many aspects. It is also the summation of many specific likes and dislikes experienced in connection with the job.

Problem Statement including Literature Review : Job satisfaction is the collection of feeling and beliefs that people have about their current job. In addition to having attitudes about their jobs as a whole, people also can have attitudes about various aspects of their jobs such as the kind of work they do, their co-workers, supervisors or subordinates and their pay George et al.

Hence, there arises a need to study the job satisfaction of employees. This topic has been chosen because job satisfaction exercises a potential influence on employee productivity and human relation climate in an organization.

The project is aimed at understanding the satisfaction of employees relating to their job-their working condition, their supervisors, their fellow workers their payment and overall organization. Research Methodology and References: Research Design: Descriptive research in the form of cross sectional design, will be adopted.

Sampling Design: A sample design is a finite plan for obtaining a sample from a given population. Simple random sampling will be used for my research work. Data will be collected from respondents of the population. Data and results will be presented in the form of graphs and charts.

References: 1.

George, J. Mack, D. The stress of organisational change: A dynamic process model.

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Applied psychology, 47 2 , Guide Name hereby confirm my willingness to guide Mr. Student Name Roll No. Student Roll No. Student Details: 1. Name of the Program : 2. Name of the Student : 3. Roll Number : 4. Project Details 6.

Title of the Project : Not more than 20 words 7. Introduction and Objectives of the Study : Not more than words 8. Problem Statement including Literature Review : Not more than words 9. Guide Details: Name of Proposed Guide : Guide Registration No. If available : Designation : Affiliation : Qualification : Total Experience : Communication Address : Contact No. Reg No. Forms must be scanned in either.

For uploading, please refer section 2.OILER: college is crazy expensive. Simple random sampling will be used for my research work. WBS Dictionary. If available : The purpose is to offer an overview of significant literature published on a topic.