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Christine Warren is the bestselling author of The Others series, including Wolf at the Door, Big Bad Christine Warren Author cover image of On the Prowl. On the Prowl (The Others, #6). by Christine Warren. ·. ··2, Ratings. Most girls would throw a fit if their parents tried to set up an arranged marriage for . On The Prowl Christine Warren Wordpress Com. Page 1. Page 2. on the prowl christine warren wordpress on the prowl christine pdf. Page 2.

Christine Warren

Drive Me Wild Christine Warren. Martin's Paperbacks, November On the Prowl Christine Warren. Martin's Paperbacks, April Black Magic Woman Christine Warren. Love Bites: Tom Doherty Associates, June You're So Vein Christine Warren. Tom Doherty Associates, March Martin's Paperbacks, September Walk on the Wild Side Christine Warren.

Martin's Paperbacks, June Howl at the Moon: A novel of The Others Christine Warren. Martin's Paperbacks, May Wolf At the Door: Martin's Press, April When Logan shows up claiming that Graham has asked him to decide if she can handle the alpha position, Honor is furious. The two rant and rave at each other, but their first meeting somehow ends in a wild and passionate kiss, so The romance makes up the bulk of the plot, with a supporting story line that deals with the remaining males who want to challenge Honor at the monthly, full-moon Howl that will take place in a few days.

At that full-clan meeting, Honor will declare that she is the alpha and then take on all of the remaining challengers.

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Honor and Logan realize almost immediately that they are destined to be mates, but Honor resists Logan for a few hours before she lets him mark her. Now they're really in trouble, because there are few options for Honor. Either she beats off the challengers and keeps her alpha position or the challengers kill her.

Another option comes up near the end of the book, and that one is a game changer. Logan wants Honor as his full-time mate, but he is the Silverback Beta.

If he stays with Honor, he will be in the powerless position of Sol—a supportive mate with no decision-making powers.

Can his alpha pride stand this? Will he go back to the Silverbacks? You can figure out what is going to happen early on in the story because Honor keeps musing about how this isn't the life she really wants, that she'd much rather be off running in the woods or throwing pots in her pottery workroom, that the only reason she's going ahead with it is her pride, and that the clan has always been headed by a Tate so she can't let her dead father down.

One Bite With A Stranger

Will Honor follow her pride? Will she accept Logan as her mate and go with him to Manhattan? Is there yet another option? Really, there's not much mystery in the ending. Even the identity of the surprise villain who pops up at the end has been telegraphed—if you were paying attention.

This is another typical speedy, sexy paranormal romance in a series filled with them. This one has less of the snarky dialogue that some of others have, but the sizzling romance is right on target.

Part-way through the series, they reveal themselves to the human world through the Unveiling. The books follow the Others up to and through the Unveiling and then on into the following months and years.

Some characters appear in several books. Together, they search for a missing woman and try to escape from the land of Faerie alive—but still find time for lots of lust-filled interludes along the way. The heroine is Daphanie, sister of Danice heroine of Prince Charming It all starts at her sister's wedding reception, when Daphanie notices that a red-skinned imp is hiding under the drinks table.

Being of possibly unsound mind, she crawls under the table to see what's going on. Within moments, the imp has dared Daphanie to accompany him out on the town—the Others side of town, that is.

Luckily for her, Asher happens to be in the bar and sweeps in to rescue her he has wings. When a Guardian rescues a mortal, that Guardian must then protect them forever, so Asher insists on going home with Daphanie. The story goes downhill from there.

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Are we to believe that Asher sleeps on the couch of every human that he saves? I don't think so. Anyhow, Daphanie begins to have voodoo-type dreams every night and they begin to last into her waking hours.

What's wrong with this girl?

Asher, along with Rafael, Graham, and more of the Others must track down the bokor who is trying to possess Daphanie. The story gets better at the end, but I had a really hard time getting past the nutty beginning. BOOK 5: Not Your Ordinary Faerie Tale.

The queen sends Luc to Earth aka Ithir in search of her mischievous nephew, Seoc, who has sneaked through a portal and is now running around Manhattan in plain sight of humans. While Luc is discussing the situation with Rafe, head of the Council of Others, Corinne stops in to inform Rafe that her boss has heard that an elf is running around Manhattan, and he has sent her out to get the story.

Luc immediately realizes two very important facts: When she sees right past his glamours—which only a heartmate can do—he knows that he has finally found his true love, but he's horrified to realize that he'll be spending the rest of his life bonded to a human. The plot follows the development of the romance primarily in the bedroom Corinne definitely has more brains than Daphanie heroine of the previous book , so this story is much more enjoyable than the last one.

BOOK 6: On the Prowl. The tiger shifters aka Tiguri have always lived in Europe, leaving America to the rest of the Others, but with the growing global economy, they realize that they must establish a presence in the U.

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The Arcos and Preda families are the first of the tiger streaks i. Since Nic and Saskia don't really know one another, they go through a very bumpy period of adjustment in which the only thing they both agree on is their physical passion for one another and they spend lots of time working on that aspect of their relationship. Saskia , however, can't picture herself kowtowing to Nic's every wish for the rest of her life.This plot line plays out in a manner that is somewhat predictable, but still satisfying although sad for some of the characters.

The action plot doesn't really kick in until the book is almost at an end, and when it does, it gets resolved without much fuss.

Just click on the pink to go to more information about that topic. I first read this one years ago, probably around the time it first came out in , and it's always been one of my favorites.

What else can I add?