Dr. Viviana Lincoln is an expert linguist in several Middle Eastern dialects. Employed by the CIA as a translator, her latest assignment requires. Jaid Black - Playing Easy to Get. Home · Jaid Black - Playing Easy to Get Author: the button below! Report copyright / DMCA form · DOWNLOAD EPUB. the Moorehouse Legacy series by Jessica Bird. 01 Beauty and the Black Sheep. epub. KB. 02 His Comfort and tailamephyli.cf KB. 04 Man in a tailamephyli.cf

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The Witch Must Burn - Danielle tailamephyli.cf KB. Heart of Actions. Report. Dark Elite by Chloe Neill epub. 1. Firespell - Chloe tailamephyli.cf KB. Jaid Black is the founder and driving force of Ellora's Cave Publishing, the award- winning online source for erotic literature. She is also the founder and. Besieged Jaid Black Besieged is the prequel to the Death Row series. While studying the indigenous people of Alaska for her anthropology.

Peggy's gaze never left the teenager's profile. For now. Peggy's eyes narrowed in speculation but she said nothing. If Benjamin wouldn't tell her what was going on then hopefully his sister would. On a sigh her eyes flicked away from the teenager and toward the village they were fast approaching.

An elderly indigenous woman wrapped in wolf furs inclined her head toward Peggy as their dogsled passed by and Peggy absently smiled back. She hoped she could get Benjamin's sister to talk to her about the stone dwellers-whoever or whatever they were. Perhaps they were only some bizarre species of predator that the Eskimo people revered and therefore would not gossip about, she considered.

Or perhaps not. Whatever the case, she had to know what she was up against before she and Benjamin found it necessary to travel to one of the outlaying villages next week for more supplies. A chill raced down Peggy's spine, inducing the hair at the nape of her neck to stir. She swallowed a bit roughly when it occurred to her that something-or someone-was watching her. And that the gaze belonged to an intelligent being.

Chapter Two That feeling of being watched faded within an hour of arriving in the village and didn't resurface again that day. By the time Peggy nestled into the polar bear furs in the tiny hut and laid down to go to sleep that night, she was certain she'd imagined the entire thing.

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Her senses had probably been paranoid from the fright Benjamin had given her earlier-a fright that the teenager never did fully explain to her. It was probably just as well, she decided. The stone dwellers were no doubt some sort of myth, some Eskimo legend as ancient as the people themselves. Nevertheless, Peggy was a scientist through and through and because of that fact, she would make certain she got to the bottom of the story.

Not only because that's what a scientist did, but also because she realized that no other anthropologist had ever written of a stone dweller myth. It was possible, she thought excitedly, that she could very well be the first in the field to have ever heard about it.

And that would look impressive indeed in a dissertation paper. She bit her lip.

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She would definitely get to the bottom of this. Not just for the dissertation paper, but to satiate her curiosity as well. Peggy had been born with a case of inquisitiveness ten miles long and an ocean wide. She knew herself well enough to realize that she'd never just give up and let this go.

Besides the fact if there really was something to be reckoned with out there, she needed to know what that something was for security purposes. She and Ben traveled about too much, were out on the naked tundra far too often, for her not to know.

On an exhausted sigh, Peggy turned over within the bed of furs, used her elbow for a pillow, and closed her eyes. First things first, she needed to get some sleep. Tomorrow she would approach Benjamin's sister Sara and hope against hope that the twelve-year-old girl was in a chatty mood.

And that she'd heard of the stone dwellers her brother had spoken of.

It was snowing briskly, so she saw to her task quickly and efficiently. Raising a knife and slashing downward, she beheaded the still-quivering fish with one fell swoop. Her shiny waist-length black hair glimmered from reflections cast off by nearby torches.

She absently tucked a copper-gold curl behind her ear as she considered what to do next.

The Mastering

She didn't want to upset the sweet girl, but she simply couldn't get yesterday's events out of her mind. Last night Peggy had tossed and turned, unable to sleep. Benjamin had said she was being hunted.

A thought that had plagued her to the point of inducing the first nightmare her unconscious brain had entertained in ages. Somehow, through the course of the restless night, she had realized that the enigma of the stone dwellers and wanting to unravel who or what they were went far and beyond the desire for glory, or the desire to bedazzle Dr.

Kris Torrence-her dissertation advisor-with her discovery. Instead it loomed on the horizon of had-to-know-the-answer-for-self-protection-purposes. And I know I'm breaking every rule in anthropology by affecting your life rather than merely observing it, but I,,," Her voice trailed off on a sigh as she glanced away, her arms coming up to rest under her heavy breasts.

Forbidden fantasies

Sara's body stilled, an action Peggy caught out of her peripheral vision. Peggy's heartbeat soared as she allowed herself to hope for just a moment that the twelve-year-old girl might open up to her. She hadn't lied about her fright.

She didn't want to go through even one more sleepless, worried night. She just wanted to verify that the stone dwellers were a myth so she could breathe easy and put it from her mind for the time being. She could find a way to explore the myth later. Her almond eyes, Peggy noted, were wide with anxiety.

She lifted the hood of her parka and bundled herself in it.

Her brain told her she was letting herself get freaked out by what amounted to ghost stories told at summer camp, but her body reacted to the child's nervousness as though she spoke nothing but fact. But it's true that my auntie spoke of them once, then disappeared not even two days later. Sure, you can choose the suitable activity with regard to spend your time. Any person spent their own spare time to take a walk, shopping, or went to the actual Mall. How about open or maybe read a book eligible The Possession?

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