Printable Maps. Let's Get Ready to Play! Printable MapsWizKidsT Updated 04/04/ Click to Open/Print. Armor Wars “Lab”. The Collector's Premium HeroClix Maps are a great way to enhance the HeroClix game. Made from flexible and durable neoprene, these tournament legal. I downloaded a program named pdf-xchange from tailamephyli.cf, it's free. It lets you tile print a large pdf, which you can't do with acrobat.

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Microsoft Word - Marvel Heroclix Classics tailamephyli.cf (74 KB) This map was created from my Infinity Gauntlet HeroClix Scenario but it can be used for. This map is NOT for sale, but is included in subscriptions to the map catalogue. Tracking down model credits as per their CC license. I will be. HeroClix is a tactical combat game for two or more players. Maps are the To make a Ranged Combat action, choose the character card for that character.

If damage dealt is reduced to 0, then the target is not damaged. Damage dealt cant be reduced below 0. Game effects that reference the amount of damage a character has been dealt use the damage dealt value after all modifiers have been applied to it.

An attack that deals no damage ignores modifiers to the damage value. Attacks that deal no damage deal neither critical hit damage to the target nor critical miss damage to the attacker see Rolling 2 and Critical Misses and Critical Hits, below. Attacks that deal no damage do not activate the Damage Depletion Modifier. Penetrating damage is damage dealt that cant be reduced such as by the Toughness power , but can be evaded, ignored, increased, or transferred to another character.

Unavoidable damage is damage dealt that cant be evaded, reduced, modified, ignored, or transferred to another character. Characters can have their damage healed through the use of powers like Regeneration, Steal Energy, and Support, as well as through other game effects.

When a character is healed of damage, turn its combat dial counterclockwise a number of times equal to the damage healed. A character cant be healed beyond its starting line or onto a KO click. A character with multiple starting lines cant be healed beyond the starting line that it began within a particular game. A character is not considered healed unless a game effect causes it to turn its dial counterclockwise. Immediately remove it from the map; it is no longer part of the game.

This is called a critical miss. Immediately deal the attacking character 1 unavoidable damage; this represents a weapon backfire or your character straining or wounding itself during the action. This unavoidable damage is not part of the attack.

If you roll a 12 on an attack roll, you automatically hit the target, regardless of what you needed to roll to hit. This is called a critical hit. A critical hit increases damage dealt by 1 to each successfully hit target. When using the Support power see the Powers and Abilities Card and is rolled for the 2d6 roll, the attempt is an automatic miss and the target is dealt 1 unavoidable damage instead. If is rolled for the 2d6 roll, the attempt is an automatic hit, and you add 1 to the amount of damage healed by the target.

Knock back 11 represents a character being thrown backward by the force of an attack. Certain game effects might knock back a character or allow a character to ignore knock back examples Powers: Charge; Abilities: Great Size; Other effects: Multi-base characters.

Game effects that allow a character to be knocked back or prevent knock back are checked before damage is dealt. A knocked back character is moved back one square for each 1 damage taken. Move the character in a straight line away from the attacking charactercalled the knock back patheven if that path is on a diagonal.

Character Tokens

If multiple characters take damage from a game effect that causes knock back, resolve the knock back starting with the character farthest from the attacker. If the knock back path is not along a direct line, then the knock back path follows the diagonal line starting with the square that is on the opposite side of the target from the attacker, in both the vertical as well as horizontal direction.

Movement along a knock back path ignores the effects of hindering terrain and objects on movement. Game effects that activate as a result of a character moving are not activated by a character moving due to knock back. Is it me, or does that well cry elder gods? Four starting areas. Pinball Pain.

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Alas, our fearless heroes appear to once again be trapped in a murder-kind-of-world and forced to play some kind of evil game.

This always seems to happen. At least there are rules listed here to help guide them as killer pinballs, savage bumpers, and other menacing obstacles make this nightmare a colorful adventure. Secret Lair. All good superheroes need a place to call home, even if it involves precipitous drops. Silence of the Living Dead. A mashup of two great films. Here is an isolated farm house with a second floor and basement to help you survive the night, but what's this? An alternate more ghastly basement you can choose to use No starting areas, but certainly some ending ones.

No one can hear you play games in space. Dwarven Mines, 1 of 5: The Entrance. All five maps connect together to form a massive playing area. This is a dangerous place, with four starting areas and a watcher in the noxious water waiting for you to develop rules to bring it to life. Dwarven Mine, 2 of 5: The Tomb. Part two of five that connect together.

This is a sad bottleneck you really don't want to be holed up in. Dwarven Mine, 3 of 5: The Stairs. Part three of five that connect together.

Try this one on for size: Good luck! Dwarven Mine, 4 of 5: The Hall. Part four of five that connect together.

For a change, how about a large, open area to spread out in and wage war? Dwarven Mine, 5 of 5: The Bridge. Part five of five that connect together. Single file, please, that's a mighty drop! Because you know you always wanted those heroes and villains to face off on the turf. Make dream teams and some custom rules and face off, or just duke it out. Black and white gangland fun.

Elevated rooftops, vehicles, pool hall, hidden gin joint, and alley. Steampunk Circus. A little labor of love, this artistic Vernian mess. Welcome to the show, Ladies and Gentleman. Take a seat and enjoy the performance, as the center stage drops away in a gear-punk dance that rotates in different stages.

Heroclix Maps and Mini's to Classic Marvel Conversion

Explore the center ring, bleachers, control room, and bathroom, but watch for the gears and steam dangers! Booksville High School. School is definitely in session with this gigantic map. Classrooms, a library, gym, and four starting areas A cross-section of a mountain, with caves and mines available for all your gaming needs. A turn-of-the-century traveling circus, a dastardly place. From the steam locomotive elevated terrain to the carnies' booths, from the big top to the games of skill, something wicked this way comes.

Take care, there's plenty of hazards here without even considering lines of fire. A gargantuan map, representing two decks of a sinking ship. Got any good swimmers?

Pier Something fishy appears to have docked at the harbor. Looks like the game is afoot in this familiar floor plan. No one said the body count has to stay in the single digits.


Mind the secret passages. EIGHT starting areas! A western town at high noon, time to show what you are made of. Just not all over the street.

A tavern, a jail, a meeting hall, a saloon, and two starting areas uncomfortably close to each other. Summer Camp- Interior. One of a set of two. Camp Hackenslash is open! Summer Camp- Exterior. Part two of a set of two. Probably best to stay outside the cabins this season Rooftop for Busting Ghosts. Not a lot of room up here, so unless you can fly, you'd best mind your footing! Clockwork Temple 1. This is a changing map, with the six movable squares to be placed onto their respective sections of the temple.

Paths will change and dead ends may occur. Custom make your own rules to make them rotate during game play such as on each turn, roll a single die and shift the designated room.

Two starting areas, and a large area for a colossal figure. Clockwork Temple 2. Another dynamic environment. Players start in the center map area, and on each turn, players roll.

The number rolled activates a changing maze, identified by the colors at the bottom of the map. Any characters in the affected color area is shifted to the same color in another level, being either moved up or down a level. There is a place for a colossal figure. Prison Camp. Lots of close quarter opportunities. This large map is a devilish time-lapse adventure that is actually four different maps.

Players start in the top left map. Set a timer, say five or ten minutes. When time is up, everyone transfers their characters to the next map top right and continues, observing that a new level of difficulty has been added. Set that timer again, and when it goes off, transfer everyone to the bottom left map and continue.

Players have to anticipate the flood and deal with the hindering effect it shall have on their movement unless they are good swimmers. Last timer goes off, everyone is in the bottom right map and literally trying to stay afloat! Maze 3D.

Unleash your Lovecraftian nastiness in this disarmingly simple map. The drop off is deadly, and there is no set starting area, so players have to agree where to begin and hope not to get knocked off at any time.

Feel free to place a colossal figure in the center if you want to really make everyone miserable. Here's hoping intrepid explorers aren't claustrophobic, because the treasure looks worth it if its isn't cursed. This massive circuit is begging for some vehicular combat with mayhem unleashed from the sidelines. Frosty Place. This was a request from someone who wanted a place for giants to have a home court advantage against those pesky hammer-wielding gods.

The real fun of this besides plenty of hindering, blocking, and elevated terrain is that when you combine four of these ridiculously big maps into one mammoth scene, you get an ice castle in the center, and you have yourself a 6' x 6' playing field for up to 16 teams!

Arena of Zugzwang. Just cut out the extra bits and swap 'em out as you see fit, for various pits and traps The Cubes.

Heroclix Gaming Event for 7-8th Graders

Based upon a devious set of films, this map should give you quite the challenge. All of those seemingly identical cells are boobytrapped and shifting around the maze.

Players start anywhere they want, because there is no telling where they will soon end up. Every room has its own rules, and as you try to find the exit, you may instead be shifted deeper into the structure. Your job is to survive. This may be the first map designed to allow 16 different players to face off at the same time, and someone may win without even encountering another player!

Capture the Flag- 2 Player Version. It may not be pretty, but it doesn't have to be, and a shooting gallery dead-zone is going to be a royal pain. Capture the Flag- 4 Player Version. A little trimming needed here, and then line up the 3rd and 4th players to the sides of the bridges.

This is going to be dicey, good luck! Mini Map Set 1. These are tight little skirmish areas I modified from many of my other maps, and you can trim these apart for quick and dirty battles that don't take up much space! Size is 9" x 24" individually.

This one is a grilled arena, a bar, a hedge maze, a basketball court, and a subway. Mini Map Set 2. This one is a dance floor, a destroyed bridge, a white-colored house office, a dock, a western showdown.

Mini Map Set 3. This one is a wrestling arena, a school, a race track, a sewer, and a traffic jam. Storming the Beach. This was a big ol' request I once completed.

It's simple, it's brutal, and it's exactly what you would expect. No starting areas because they are pretty self-explanatory and horrifying. Alternate Nightvision Version. This is the same Subway map already listed above, but a custom request variant I made for someone once. A little creepier atmosphere. Jack's Bedroom. Just a silly little trifle I made for fun when I was just getting started, which is why it is so goofy and peculiar.

Not particularly useful, but definitely unique. Santa's Nightmare. Another quirky bit of nonsense I threw together as one of my first creations. Take your chances, place your bets, and spin that massive roulette wheel as you try not to let the special rules ruin your odds of getting out of here alive.

As I said this was one of my first creations, and while the map is dpi, the items I literally ripped from the movie unfortunately weren't high quality enough for my standards, which is why I never offered this funky little map to anyone before. But it's cute enough and you're good people, so enjoy! Good Lord! You good people made it this far, so here we go! Time to really open up the vault Welcome to Mysterious Mansion My version of the classic board game, but scaled up and printable, playable, and a whole lot more deviously designed for Horrorclix or really, Clix of any kind, or whatever game you would like to custom fit these wicked rooms to be used toward It was a terrific board game in its own right, where players race through a mansion they build room by room, finding secret passages as they try to be the first to find the treasure chests and keys and get back outside.

My version is just much larger and more detailed, but with the same layout, elements, and feel. I even made cards to go with it! You can make your own game of it, or simply use the rooms to design a different mansion every time you want a new map to explore!

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Check out the Updates for a closer look at these detailed rooms! This stretch goal unlocks a double feature: A dastardly set of 8 nasty rooms with unique rules to truly mess with your game play. I love how these came out. I have all of these maps completed, and will ensure that you have you received the files you pay for. I never want anyone unhappy with their download, and will always be available to discuss your concerns.The Mall. A character with multiple starting lines cant be healed beyond the starting line that it began within a particular game.

Traffic Jam Traffic Jam. In fact, I originally created it as four separate maps, but here I will give it to you assembled as one complete.

General retail Team bases In HeroClix introduced the concept of a "Team Base", a larger base where figures can be slotted into for team play. High School. Let's get ready to stumble! So that's the story, and why I'm not asking for much!

So hunker down somewhere, and prepare for a long night, because you've got a lot of territory to cover before sunrise if you think you can survive. Do not count the square the attacker occupies when determining range.